RouteOne will be hosting its second Developer Codeathon for R1 and R1H employees/contractors this year.

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1. This year RouteOne codeathon is open to all RouteOne employees/contractos. This year we would like everyone to participate in this event unlike just developers. Any employee/contractos can submit ideas for codeathon on or before  Nov 15th 2019. The development  team then can either picks ideas from the pool or they can come out with their own ideas for Codeathon. 

2. Once the development team picks the idea, they form their own team and submit the project proposal on or before 11/15/2019. The RouteOne judging panel will approve projects for the Codeathon based on creativeness, the technology used, and potential business value.Project proposal can be submitted through the Devpost website or mail it to R1Codeathon@routeone.com 



Suggested Project areas.

1. Advanced Reports

2. Data Mining & Analytics

3. Web Application

4. High Availability Database Architectures and Solutions

5. Machine Learning

6. Business Intelligence

7. Mobility

8. Data Security and Transmission.




RouteOne Executives

RouteOne Executives

Judging Criteria

  • Selection Criteria
    Winners will be judged based on - Innovation - Technology - Presentation - Business Value